The Everglades is a very unique and exciting place to visit. Don’t forget to compare the airboat tours to ensure you get the best deal.

Before you go and jump on an Everglades airboat tour, we recommend you the read these tips on what to wear and take with you to make your experience epic.

The weather

It can be very hot and humid in the everglades, especially if you go between May and November. You’ll be out in nature and once you’re on the boat there’s not a lot of shade. You should protect yourself from the heat by:

– Applying and taking with you good quality sun protection
– Wearing UV protecting sun glasses
– Taking a hat with you. Please keep in mind that you probably won’t be able & allowed to wear the hat on the boat

Lastly, it’s quite common for rain to fall in the Everglades. This is especially common on hot summer days and can actually be quite refreshing. Keep this in mind when picking your clothes and be aware that most tours will keep running when it’s raining.


Besides Alligators and turtles, the Everglades are also known for being the home to mosquitoes.
To protect yourself against getting bitten, we recommend to:

– Take a good quality mosquito repellant spray
– Wear light coloured clothing as this is thought to repel mosquitos and will keep you cooler in the heat.
– Consider wearing long sleeves and full length trousers if you’re scared of getting bitten (still spray repellant as they might bite through your clothes)
– Avoid wearing perfume, cologne or hairspray as these may attract mosquitos to you