About our trip

Our Everglades experience was definitely an extremely memorable and exhilarating adventure. Find out all about it in this extensive Everglades Safari Park review!

We went during the off peak season in September for our road trip in Florida. When we decided we wanted to go on an Everglades tour to see alligators we searched online a few days before we went. I would highly recommend booking at least a week in advance because the internet is flooded with so many different tour groups and it can get quite overwhelming and confusing. This is what we discovered, therefore when we came back from our trip we started this website so as to make it easier for fellow adventurers to be able to easily compare and plan their Everglade trip.

Finding the tour (Everglades Safari Park)

So after over 1 hour of trying to find and book a tour, we finally decided to go with Everglades safari park airboat tour. As they had a coupon offer and included an alligator show after the airboat tour.






Upon driving through the Everglades region we noticed that every 5-10minutes there was another tour operator on the long strip of road. Also that many had signs which indicated the mosquito level – When we went it was high.
We highly recommend getting a good brand mosquito repellent as this is vital during your trip. You should spray this on your clothing and arms if you are wearing short sleeves. This will deter mosquitos from you, as there are lots around the swamps.
Luckily we came prepared with plenty of mosquito spray and wore long sleeve clothes, without these we would definitely have been lunch for the mosquitos!!
We arrived for the afternoon tour. There were about 9 people going on the same airboat tour as us. Upon walking towards the airboat we luckily got a glimpse of an alligator hiding under the bridge. Can you spot him hiding in the below picture?











How about now?

I was super excited after seeing that alligator so early on and even before the tour started! As a result I had a good feeling we would definitely be able to see several alligators on this boat tour.

The airboat Review

We were advised by the tour guide to make sure if we were wearing a hat/cap to hold on tightly to them or take it off. They warned us that every day at least one person’s hat flies off their head into the swamp (once it’s gone its gone forever).

We fully understood this once we were 10 minutes into the tour. The speed at which the airboat was travelling at was very fast and the wind was blowing super strongly. We were given disposable ear plugs to place into our ears as the sound of the airboat was very loud.

For the first 15 mins or so we couldn’t find any alligators, my heart sank a bit wondering if it was going to happen. The tour guide assured as that this was common and it usually took patience and time for the sighting of alligators to occur….. And surely enough within 20 minutes we saw our alligator on the tour.

To be alongside the alligators at such close proximity in their natural habitat is like no other experience. I found it to be a combination of amazement, excitement and joy but also a degree of fear too. However after observing them for a few minutes I was reminded of something powerful. Animals mainly have fear due to past experience of threats. As these alligators have never felt threatened by people because they are protected animals in these Everglades. So they seemed extremely at ease seeing visitors in airboats a few metres away from them. After realising this I totally started embracing the Everglades experience!!

We saw 6 alligators, the most breath-taking part for me was seeing a family of alligators and being so close to them. There were two young alligators and their parents were nearby, conscious of us looking at them however not threatened. I was really shocked at how comfortable they were with so many people watching them and with us all chatting away. This showed how protected these beautiful creatures are in their Everglades habitat.










The tour itself was around 45minutes with the tour guide providing information about the Everglades throughout the tour when she wasn’t driving the airboat.

Upon leaving the swamp we also experienced nice natural scenery and I even spotted something camouflaged in the background of the trees.

Can you see it?









The shows that came with the ticket we bought was nail biting and exhilarating. We saw the alligator trainer stroking the alligator and feeding it.

There was also a tour around the park, which had some alligators inside.

Our everglades tips

  • Book your tour in advance to avoid disappointment of not being able to visit.
  • Do your research online to compare the best offers and deals to make your experience tailored for you.
  • Ensure you charge your camera batteries fully and have enough memory card and space as you want to be able to capture these unforgettable moments with pictures and videos. But don’t forget to enjoy the moments and be in the present to take in the surroundings and admire these fascinating creatures.
  • There are no guarantee totally mosquito-free environment in the Everglades, especially in the hot Summer months. So even if you are not prone to getting mosquito bite it is highly recommended you still use mosquito repellent.
  • Bring a bottle of water as on the tour there is no stop off point.
  • Put on sun cream if it is a sunny day because out in the swamp there is no cover from direct sunlight.
  • The extra stuff that don’t get mentioned as such when people talk about Everglades are the other wildlife in the swamp these add to the experience immensely. So keep your eyes peeled for other interesting creatures in the swamp.

I found that being out in the swamp surrounded by such pure and protected nature was so surreal and totally worth it!!