Cookies are small bits of information which are downloaded to the device used to visit a website. Each time that the same website is visited again, this device will be able to use these cookies.

By using cookies, information about visits and visitors will temporarily be saved by that website. Other websites may also recognise the browser or device used through a cookie. On each visit, various types of cookies may be used.

The cookies that get dropped on the website relate to these services:

Ginger – Shows the cookie bar and uses a cookie to remember if you’ve accepted so that we don’t need to show it again.
Google Analytics – Allows us to monitor usage and statistics of the website
Google Adsense – Allows us to monetise the website by showing ads
Affiliate cookie – We link to various websites through ‘affiliate links’. When a consumer clicks through these and purchases something, we may receive a commission. For example we work with Amazon & Skimlinks.
Wordpress – The software that is used to create this website. Cookies get used to store your session, settings, user account etc.